"I first met Bill Carrigee in 1999 while putting together a  residential community in Bay St. Louis. I found him both competent and  professional. He brings to the table a history in the construction  industry second to none. His hands on experience along with his  knowledge of the building codes, makes him an invaluable resource for  anyone needing expert advice, counseling, inspections, or construction  oversight. His project management skills are legendary. I highly  recommend him to anyone seeking or needing a no nonsense completely  capable construction professional."

- Leo Chester LeBlanc

"I have worked with Bill on numerous residential and commercial  construction projects for more than 10 years. Bill has an in-depth  understanding of construction practices and governing codes that are a  tremendous benefit to his many clients. Many of us who deal with  residential and commercial construction have looked to Bill for answers  and guidance that he readily and graciously provides.The building construction industry, especially in the coastal area,  is constantly improving with changes resulting from new codes and  ordinances. Bill is always aware of these changes and utilizes them  extremely well. This knowledge has been proven time and again to be  right on target. Bills passion for his work is truly contagious and has  best been demonstrated from the formal training classes that he has  conducted for Building Officials, Enforcement Officers, Contractors, and  Engineers throughout the area. I have benefited many times from Bill's  particular attention to detail, and will highly recommend him."

- Stuart Williamson, P.E.* CFM  
*Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida

"The knowledge and expertise Bill has offered over the last several  years has been extremely helpful in keeping my construction projects  up-to-date and code compliant. Bill's attention to keeping up with the  latest building codes and his ability to explain them to my staff is  even more valuable." 

- Jason Thornhill 
Thornhill Construction

"Since becoming the Building Official for Harrison County, MS my  number one goal has been to educate and professionalize our  organization, we have made great progress in these endeavors thanks to  employing the services of Bill Carrigee. Bill's knowledge, level of  expertise, competency and professionalism are undeniable and second to  none.  Her is hard working and goes out of his way to help in any way  possible. I highly recommend him and his company!"

- Theresa Hydrick 
Building Official, Harrison County, Gulfport, MS

"Carrigee Consulting, LLC has been everything that I could have  wanted in a project manager. They are extremely knowledgeable about all  constructions trades, have represented me in a very professional manner,  and have gone out of their way to find ways to bring my project in on  time and under budget. I could not have wished for more."

- Brother Francis David, S.C.  
President, St. Stanislaus College

"I have known Bill Carrigee Sr., for quite some time. We first met  when Bill worked as the Floodplain Manager/Building Official for the  City of Bay St. Louis and I was the Fire Chief for the City of Waveland  about 20 years ago. Since that time I have had many opportunities to  work with Bill on projects from Floodplain Management to building  projects. When I became Mayor of the City of Waveland I signed a  Professional Service contract with Carrigee Consulting to take over the  duties of the City of Waveland building department. Their duties include  but are not limited to Plan review, Code Compliance Inspections,  Property Clean up enforcement and assisting the City with their own  ongoing projects. I am very happy with Bill's professionalism and  service. I feel that hiring his company is the best thing for the City  of Waveland. I would not hesitate to recommend Carrigee Consulting to  another City or County for them to get the same help and service that we  get here at the City of Waveland."

- David Garcia, Mayor
City of Waveland, MS